Time to get the Southwest Companion Pass

In my opinion, the must lucrative travel offer available is the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. If you happen to live in a city that Southwest services, you should absolutely fly with them. And if you can score the Companion Pass, you and a companion can do so for free—for 2 years!

The SW Pass isn’t like a companion “voucher” offered by other airlines. With SW, for any flight the pass holder is booked on, he or she can bring a companion for free! Well, you have to pay the $11.20 taxes, so not totally free. It doesn’t matter if you pay for the ticket or use miles, as long as you are on that flight, someone can fly with you for free. It sounds like a scam as I write this out, but it’s legit.

To earn the pass, you need 110,000 “qualifying” miles in a calendar year. Sounds hard, but it’s easy when you can get two 50,000 mile cards right? With one consumer card (Plus or Premier) and the business card, you are basically there. Links are below:

Let’s say you get the two cards, and by June have spent $10,000 (or earned miles through the SW shopping portal or transferred other points from hotel partners): you’ll earn the Companion Pass for June-December 2016 and ALL of 2017. And you’ll have 110,000 miles to spend! I’m on my 2nd year with the Companion Pass and haven’t paid for a domestic ticket for either myself or Mrs. Passionate Saver in that time. And the flights we’ve brought Baby Saver on have ended up having extra seats where we can put her. 3 tickets for basically nothing.

And by the way, SW flights are cheap with miles. I regularly book 8,000-15,000 mile round trip tickets. So 110,000 will last you a long, long time.

So get two of the cards, alternate every two years with your spouse and never pay for a domestic ticket again. Doesn’t get any better than that.



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